The Lindisfarne Gospels

"The 7th century Lindisfarne Gospels is one of Britain's most famous and beautiful treasures. The Lindisfarne Gospels was written and illuminated 'for God and St Cuthbert' by Eadfrith, Bishop of Lindisfarne (698-721), probably in honour of the original Translation of the Saints relics in 698. Its decoration includes miniatures of the four Evangelists, intricate cross-carpet pages and full-page initials. It is a masterpiece of book production and a historic and artistic document of the first rank. The manuscript was given to the nation in 1702 with the other manuscripts from the collection of the Elizabethan antiquary Sir Robert Cotton. It passed into the care of the British Museum on its foundation in 1753" (from "Portico" - The Online Information Server of the British Library).

Saint Matthew:


Saint Mark:


Saint Luke:
Saint John:
(These images copyright of "The British Library Board" - used here with permission)

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