An Overview of Christian History
by Felix Just, S.J., Ph.D.

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History of Israel & Judaism before Christianity:

The Main Stages of Christian History:

The ROMAN PERIOD of domination in Israel/Palestine (see a chart of Rulers in Israel in the Roman Era)

Rudolf Koch: The Nativity

Rudolf Koch: The Empty Cross

132-135 CE - Second Jewish revolt, led by Bar Kochba, put down by Emperor Hadrian; Jerusalem completely destroyed; all Jews banned from Judea after 135; Jerusalem rebuilt as Roman city called Aelia Capitolina; Israel renamed "Palestine"

ca. 250 - first empire-wide persecutions of Christians under Emperor Decius; churches destroyed, books burned, leaders arrested

ca. 300 - worst empire-wide persecutions of Christians under Emperor Diocletian; tries to eradicate Christianity

313 - "Edict of Milan"; Emperor Constantine I makes Christianity a legally recognized religion; official imperial support allows Christians to build large churches, produce large durable Bibles, obtain more converts, develop structures, etc.

614 CE - Muslim Invasion leads to Islamic Rule of Palestine and entire Middle East; only few Jews and Christians remain in Holy Land

1054 - "Great Schism" divides "Orthodox" Christians in the East (center in Constantinople) from "Catholic" Christians in the West (center in Rome).

1060's-1240's - Medieval Crusades; control of Jerusalem goes back and forth several times between Moslems and Christians;

1517 - Martin Luther begins "Protestant Reformation," leading to division of Western Christianity into many churches & denominations

1962-1965 - The Second Vatican Council (a.k.a. Vatican II) renews the Catholic Church.

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